Why Thailand?

Why Thailand?

Why in the world are you moving to Thailand?

This is the question we seem to receive most often. For whatever reason when we answer that “the Lord has called us there,” it is always met with, “yeah but why else?”

As if we needed another reason than the Holy Spirit’s calling in our life.

Now I know for centuries many followers of Christ have ascribed the will of God to whatever area of their life they wanted a green light on. It is hard to dispute someone who claims the Lord has “called them to do something.”

Many different people have been persecuted or killed in the name of God. End Times have been prophecied in the name of God. Bad relationships have been entered in to in the name of God. Money has been demanded in the name of God for selfish gain.

I understand our cultures hesitancy to blindly follow anyone who uses a divine calling to something taking place in their life.

Except to me, I think it is more than that. It’s not just skepticism when people ask us why Thailand… it’s bewilderment and at times, it is conviction in their own lives. Why would someone who loves where they work, loves where they serve, loves the neighborhood, loves the security, loves everything about where they are in life – why would you leave that?

What is it about Thailand that would cause you to leave this place?

The answer is one thing: love of God displayed through obedience.

On paper, this move makes no sense. We love where we are. Everything about it. We bought a house here 2 years ago so we could be rooted here. My family is here. We have deep friendships here. There is unlimited opportunity here. I am paid well. We have everything we need.

I’m also Hispanic. I speak Spanish nearly fluently. I have family in Spain and Mexico. I have contacts in Latin America, so if we just had a desire to go serve on mission, somewhere in Latin America or Europe would make the most sense. There is a great need there and I identify most with those cultures, and I can already speak the language.

But Thailand? A culture I don’t understand, a language that people claim takes 5-7 years of serious teaching for us to learn, a new life over 10,000 miles away from anyone I know? Why in the world would we consider going? There is no security there for us. There are no guarantees for us there. We have no friends there. Why would we go to Thailand??

You’re right! Why in the world would I go unless I was being sent? Unless the Lord prepares the way, goes before me, and promises to be with me, why would I go?

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