What Is Timshol?

What Is Timshol?

So you are curious about the name Timshol and what it means huh?

Glad you asked.

A while back I read a book called East of Eden by John Steinbeck. While I won’t spoil the entire book for you, there is a part in the story where a man goes on a journey to understand the meaning of a Hebrew word found in an Old Testament book of the Bible.

Genesis Chapter 4 is the story of brothers Cain and Abel. In it, both men made offerings to God. Abel offered his first and his best to God while Cain did not. God accepts Abel’s offerings and rejects Cain’s. This angers Cain.

God comes to Cain and says, “why are you upset? If you do what is right won’t you be accepted? If you don’t do what is right, sin is crouching at your door and it wants to devour you. But you must rule over it…. (the Hebrew word TIMSHOL)

Essentially God is offering grace and a new identity if Cain will receive it and walk in it through repentance. He doesn’t have to be identified by his past and what he has done.

In the story East of Eden, a man sees this Hebrew word “Timshol” and wants to find out it’s true meaning. After extensive research, he concludes that Timshol means “thou mayest” – as in “the choice is yours.”

The choice was up to Cain whether or not he would receive God’s grace, allow his identity to be changed, and walk in favor with God. It was also his choice to reject God.

In Thailand almost 96% identify themselves as Buddhist. That is their identity. In Thailand every fabric of society coerces you to perform mindless peer pressure in following the teachings of Buddha. It’s devastating. Even after 100’s of years of Christian missionaries coming in to Thailand, the number of those practicing Buddhism remains the same. Why? Because their entire identity is wrapped up in it; their past, present, and sadly their future.

The same way Cain was offered a grace, the Lord is providing the Thai people an opportunity to leave behind their cultural identity and choose to receive a new identity by following Jesus Christ. I want to see the people of Thailand receive the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and be adopted as sons and daughters. My hope and prayer is as the Gospel is presented to them, they will choose to make the decision that brings hope and fulness of life – no matter what it costs.

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