Help Us Get The Word Out! Give Bibles!

Help Us Get The Word Out! Give Bibles!

Do something for me, will you? Go into your house and see how many bibles you can find. Go ahead, I’ll wait. More than likely you can probably find at least 4 bibles in your house according to the American Bible Society.

If you couldn’t find one, you could probably go buy a good one at the nearest bookstore for probably less than the cost of a family of 4 going out to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

Here in Thailand and Burma, that is not the case. Bibles are in low supply because the majority of the population is Buddhist, so the cost for a small good bible is between $15 – $30. That may not sound like much to you, but to many people that can be food a week. Many churches and ministries operate on such small budgets, that they have no bibles to provide their people, nor do they have bibles to give new believers who profess faith in Christ.

So we are doing something about it.

We need Bibles. Lots of Bibles. In different languages. For Adults and Children.

Evangelistic Ministries here in Thailand are great about sharing the Gospel, but they lack the tools to help equip the people with the knowledge of God – because they don’t have necessary funds for Bibles.

In 2 years time, we have:

  • Purchased over 1500 Bibles
  • In 5 languages
  • Distributed them to 4 different countries.

We want to continue to make God’s Word available to everyone we can. This is by far the greatest need.

Right now we purchase the following Bibles:

Thai Standard Version – Vinyl Covering:  $15

Burmese Bible – Vinyl Covering: $27

Bible – Tibetan Language: As Needed…conditional

Bible – Vietnamese Language: As Needed…conditional

Thai Karen Tribe Bible –  Vinyl Covering: $22

Jesus Story Book Bible for Kids: Thai Language Hardback – $23

Please go to our store if you would like to purchase Bibles for us and designate the type and amount of each Bible you would like to purchase.

Or if you prefer, you can just send a one time gift and we will purchase what we need.

Either way….Thank you for helping us GET THE WORD OUT!!

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