Genesis 127 Tribal Womens Ministry

Genesis 127 Tribal Womens Ministry

The Bible says God created men and women in His image.

People have discussed this idea for years and have differing opinions on what it means, but one thing is for certain: It means we have dignity and value.

Our job as believers is to reflect this characteristic of God in our life to the world. That is another component of being made in God’s image: That we reflect what He is like. It also means as we interact with the world, we interact with them as they have value and dignity as well, because we are all made in the image of God.

Almost 70 million people live in Thailand, but over a million ethnic minorities lack Thai citizenship. These people, concentrated in the northern region of Thailand are collectively known as the Hilltribe people. Many cannot speak the national language and are viewed by some nationals as unwelcome and undesirable.

Six major tribes (Karen, Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Hmong, Mien) or ethnic minority groups comprise what is collectively known as the “Hilltribes”. Hilltribes have inhabited the border lands of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and China for centuries—providing for themselves through subsistence farming and livestock raising. However, it wasn’t until this past century that many of the groups began migrating to Northern Thailand to escape ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Now, because of land loss due to deforestation and the Thai government’s recent forest preservation movement have made subsistence farming both impossible and illegal for many of the Hilltribe people.

With limited choices, many move to the city hoping finding work, and a better life. But with little education and no knowledge of the Thai language, most Hilltribe city dwellers find urban life terribly difficult—and dangerous. To survive, many Hilltribe people have no choice but to sell trinkets and souvenirs on the streets. To compete in a densely crowded marketplace, many have learned that it’s more advantageous to put their own children to work. Tourists and wealthy locals have trouble saying “no” to child vendors, so despite dangerous conditions, parents often put even their youngest children to work. Too often, tribal children living in the cities can be found selling flowers and crafts at night in tourist hot spots. These late hours often prevent these children from being able to attend school the next morning, adding one more barrier to the education they so desperately need—so the cycle of poverty continues.

Poverty, limited education, and a general hopelessness, have opened the door to other problems like drug abuse and domestic violence. Meanwhile, Thailand’s world-reknowned professional sex trade has left Hilltribe women and children vulnerable to exploitation, human trafficking, prostitution, and the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

  • The average “hilltribe” person lives on less than $1.00 US a day–this is 12 times less than what an average Thai citizen lives on.
  • Many Thai schools do not accept “hilltribe” children and in cases where they do, the children are given little support with the costs of schooling and materials.
  • 1 of every 3 sex workers in Chiang Mai (Thailand’s second biggest city) comes from a “hilltribe” family
  • Thailand’s Health System Research Institute estimates that children in prostitution make up 40% of prostitutes in Thailand.
  • Thailand is listed by the UNODC as both a top destination for victims of human trafficking and a major source of trafficked persons

Many hospitals often refuse treatment of “hilltribe” patients without proof of citizenship. Many that have citizenship cannot afford treatment.

So What is Genesis 127 Tribal Women’s Ministry

We work directly with churches, children’s homes, women centers, local villages, AID’s Centers, and Christian ministries to help provide food, healthcare, jobs, teach a trade, and provide life skills so these hill tribe women and their children have a chance in life.

We will sell some of their items in our store. (Coming Soon) Feel free to purchase something.

Or you can give directly to the ministry that already has boots on the ground to help these women know the hope to which they have been called in this life through Jesus Christ.

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