Be An Abassador

Be An Abassador

“What do you need?” is the question I probably get asked the most from people who are trying to understand what life is like in on the field.

The easy answer is, “Prayer.” This is also an honest answer.

Yes we need Bibles, yes we need finances, yes we need deodorant without whitening bleach in it: but overall – we need prayer.

The usual response is, “Ok. Yes I’ll pray for you. So what else?”

Now…every missionary I know loves this kind of slow pitch softball question. It gives a chance to talk about the financial needs. I however, often to the detriment of our finances, answer differently. I’m probably naive, or maybe just afraid to share our financial needs… but I honestly think there is a greater need I have that I love to share.

“Don’t forget us. Please. Remember us. Pray for us. Intercede for us and those we serve.” This is the greatest need we have.

Life goes on though doesn’t it? Everyone gets busy.

So I would like you to consider being an ambassador for Timshol Ministries so maybe we can not only fulfill our personal needs, but our ministry needs as well.

What exactly does being an ambassador mean?

It means in your circles of influence, you intercede for us. You represent us. You engage with others on our behalf.

Practically speaking: In a church have your small group “adopt” our ministry. Bring us up frequently in prayer, send messages, provide for financial needs, engage spiritually. Really the list is endless. Maybe even have your church pray for us corporately on a regular basis.

Or maybe you love to Bike. Gather your friends, or post on social media a major ride that you will organize. This can be a fundraiser for Timshol Ministries, or it can go to a specific need.

The point I’m making is include us, our family, our pastors, our leaders, the ministries in Thailand, The Thai people – remember us in your days and include us in your lives. If there is something specific you would like to do, let me know. Thank you.

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